Combi boiler service      50*

Back boiler and gas fire service      75

Gas safety check/Landlords certificate from     50

Gas cooker installation from     45

Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms supplied and fitted from 25
Highly recommended if you have an open flued appliance such as a
gas fire, back boiler or older conventional boiler

Outside taps supplied and fitted from 50

* Plus any materials required
** Combi boiler & Hob/Oven
***When fitted in conjunction with service/repair
and must be requested at time of booking
Prices are subject to change without notice
Or take advantage of our free local quote service by contacting us on the phone numbers below     


01142 888191 / 07866 989 042
Our Price List

We offer an emergency call-out service between 7pm and 7am Monday to Friday and 12pm Saturday to 7am Monday at a rate of 70/hr (or part thereof) which does NOT guarantee a full repair if parts need to be ordered, but any water/gas leaks WILL be made safe by means of isolation and a full repair can be carried out in normal working hours
Phone 0114 2888191 or 07866 989 042
for a free quote or advice

2a Ellorslie Drive, Stocksbridge, Sheffield. S36 2BB
Phone Lee
* Plus any materials required